The Important Things to Know About Your Credit Score

Credit Score, why do I need to know it? What is it? Does it really matter? Find out how it all works ~ One of the major objectives in our cash flow review meeting is to completely understand the client’s cash flow picture. This means the income and outflow of cash to a household including number of accounts as well as expense tracking and purchasing mechanisms. Many times clients come in with LOTS of credit cards having found a specific use for each one. A key part of the discussion is simplifying everything to the extent possible which often requires the closure of credit cards and/or opening new ones that better fit the client’s spending patterns and goals (think cash back vs travel reward

Fall Out From Hurricane Irma

As I sit here with the sun out, power restored and waiting on the internet, TV and phone to resume business, I figured I would share a couple of things that were made obvious by our most recent Hurricane Irma experience. 1. We Take a Horrendous Amount of Things for Granted in Modern Life The common person has luxuries that weren’t even thought of in a pre-cell phone era. Nothing makes this clearer than having your day to day comforts taken away by something you can’t control like a hurricane, landslide or wildfire. It is truly the intersection of modern technology and the challenges of our cavemen ancestors. Due to its vulnerability in transmission, one of the first things to go out in a nat

Your Financial Health, Just Like Your Physical Health, Needs Regular Training

At this point, we are all pretty much aware of the benefits of regular exercise for our physical health. The key to staying in shape is making it a priority and scheduling time in your week to train. Few, even those who have enviable physical training regimens, seem to be conscious of the fact that financial health requires a similar training schedule. The good news is the same principles of prioritization, scheduling and repetition required for physical health translate directly to improving your financial health. Here are a couple of critical “financial exercises” to add to your new financial fitness routine. 1. Cash Flow Review Frequency: Monthly (or 12 reps annually) At each month end, a