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Relief Payment Logistics

We received a couple of questions this week from folks eligible to receive a relief payment who hadn’t yet seen it via direct deposit. While initial indications were that if bank account information was provided on the 2018 or 2019 return, the payment would be pushed to that account. That doesn’t appear to be true in all cases.

What we are now seeing is that if a refund was due on the 2018 or 2019 return, the payment was pushed. If however there was an amount owed, it may not have been.

With the check schedule extending thorough September depending on income level, here’s a quicker way. Navigate to the “Get My Payment” website Click on the “Get My Payment” button and enter the information from your most recent tax filing (you will need Adjusted Gross Income and Amount Owed) then enter the bank where you want the payment deposited.

Current clients: if this applies to you and we haven’t yet reached out to you specifically, you will hear from us shortly.


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